Life's A Game


Like in any card game, the dealer gives a certain amount of cards to each player.

Once the cards are in their hand, they cannot give their cards back to the dealer, ask for another hand or switch their cards with someone else.

They have to play whatever cards they were given. They can quit but if they were to do that it would have been no point in picking up the cards at all.

If their hand sucks so be it. If their hand is great so be it. Regardless they have to play their cards to the best of their ability.

However, they can’t play in any random fashion; there are rules they have to follow. These rules ensure that no one has an advantage over another player and if these rules are broken a player will be penalized thus jeopardizing their chances of winning.

They have to live or die with the hand that was dealt to them. They have to do their best with the hand they were given.

Life is a lot like a game of cards. We all are dealt a hand and whether good or bad we have to play that hand according to the rules of the game of life.

We live or die with the hand that was dealt to us. We do their best with the hand we were given.

And no matter how unfair we think our hand is we can’t trade it in. There is no option to give our hand back to the dealer in hopes of getting a better hand in return. Whatever hand we were dealt is the hand we must play.

However, as in most card games, every player has a chance to pluck meaning pick new cards can be added to each player’s hand. If you get enough plucks you can even replace your original hand. The only scary thing is you never know which card you will pluck.

For some, they will strike big and pluck a great card giving them a better chance at winning. Some may pick a card similar to the one they already have leaving them in the same position they were in before they plucked, and others will have the unfortunate luck of plucking a card that sets them back.

However, even a great pluck can be wasted if the card picked isn’t played correctly.

In life we all are given opportunities big and small. Sometimes these opportunities hit us like a ton of bricks and we would be dumb if we didn’t take them. But sometimes they are a bit more subtle.

Regardless, we all are given opportunities in life. Yet, these opportunities are worthless if we squander them.

If you get an opportunity don’t let it go to waste, take full advantage of it no matter how big or small.

Don’t let any opportunity pass you by even if it’s nothing more than a networking event; go anyway. You might not meet your business partner, or that person who’s going to take your writing career to the next level but you may meet the person who knows someone who can.

Winning in this game of life has little to do with the cards you were dealt and more to do with how you play them.

Just because you were born poor doesn’t mean you lose from birth, it just means you were dealt a bad hand. But eventually you will get your turn to pluck, you will get a chance at an opportunity.

But don’t let your pluck go to waste...

Pluck your card and make the most of it. The game has begun. The cards in your hand. How will you play them in order to win?