Life's A Game

Raza Collective is a Los Angeles-based streetwear apparel & media company founded on the idea of storytelling. Everyday we put our eyes and ears to the street and take notes on the win stories people showcase and channel that for creative, entrepreneurial efforts.

Raza aims to showcase products with stories that promote hustle, grit, and success. Every business decision is made with community in mind. Our organization donates 10% of all profits evenly to our pledges.

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  • Dominos and Low Lows - Frankie Orozco

  • LA - Estevan Oriol

  • Drive-by - Dave Worden

  • Cruise - Gilberto "Bam" Gidoy

  • Miklo - Merrick Morton

Dominos and Low Lows - Frankie Orozco

LA - Estevan Oriol

Drive-by - Dave Worden

Cruise - Gilberto "Bam" Gidoy

Miklo - Merrick Morton

The Homie's Best Friend by Frankie Orozco from The L.A. Six


Drop #1: Frankie Orozco

Drop #2: Señor Lupe

Our Interview with Señor Lupe:

Q: Where are you from, Señor?

A: lupe is from sinaloa. but is come to texas early in is life. no scare to is come to americas to make is the dream. no ever is forges where i come.

Q: Very good. How did you discover art and how did you get into it?

A: i has been into art my entire life. always is the one thas draw in class an has binders that cartoon an graffitis. i is make art for frens binders. i also is luv to make is digital art. i is cryptos traders but is now luv to be nft creators.

Q: Yes! Love that. Our founder is a trader as well. What inspired you to specifically make 8-bit art?

A: i is raise in an eras where all entertainmens was 8 bit. the art styles is has a special place in lupes heart. childhood i was bless to has nintendos. so pixel is engrave in lupe heart.

Q: The 80s and 90's are definitely one of our favorite eras. That said, Who was your greatest inspiration growing up?

A: for lupe is has to be senor jesus. i is has special mans thas lead lupe in life. but senor jesus is has the bes message an lay is out the path to has the bes life. human is no perfec. senor jesus is perfec. i is always search for all the wisdoms mi papa is bless mi with.

Q: Awesome, Lupe. Here's one a lot of peeple are wondering. Who are your top 3 musicians?

A: firs is has to be vicente, is has deep roots for lupe family

secon favor i is rly enjoy the weeknd

third favor pls is gimme senora doja cats

Q: Chente Fernandez the GOAT! Alright, alright. What's your favorite food, Lupe?

A: is easy, is pizzas always with is pineapples or i send is back

Q: Bam. Noted. Who was the artist that you looked up to the most growing up?

A: is has to be all my frens sir. i is always encorporate frens art into my work. we is imitate wat we see is in life in art so my frens is who i is look up to. now for nft, i is very influence by cryptos art. i is blend my past with is futures

Q: Last one, Lupe. What does the word “Raza” mean to you?

A: raza is means we no scare no ever. raza is for family firs. no matter if u is from same mama or papa. raza is luv family firs an we is take care no matter was happens. we is respec our family, we is respec the elder, we is teach the childrens was correc in life, we is strong but has heart for frens. raza is has such a deep historys an beautiful past so now is so strong an united. raza is life an no ever is sell they btc

Bitcoin to the moon. END OF INTERVIEW. THANKS, LUPE!